Victoria Amidou attended the 2016 National Black Book Festival in Houston, Texas

Victoria Amidou hosted her book signing and meet and greet at The National Black Book Festival in Houston, Texas. The event was held at Fallbrook Church on Walters Road October 27-29.

Victoria Amidou was among fellow authors Mathew Knowles, Omar Tyree, and Wendell Pierce.

Victoria Amidou not only spoke about her books El Shaddai and Poetically Me, she also spoke about future events in which she will be traveling aboard to continue her passion.

Victoria Amidou is not only an author, she is also an international public speaker who passionately motivates everyone that comes in her pathway. She teaches methods of healing to those that are broken.

Victoria Amidou’s gift from God was cultivated in the midst of what she calls her shattered pieces, those pieces coming from being broken over, and over again. These repeated breaks left behind fragments so small that only the spiritual eye could see. Now mended and on a quest to teach the keys to bearing the pain while birthing the promise.

Victoria Amidou stands firm in the fact that you can’t get to the promise without going through the pain. Numbing the pain through self-medication and denial only delays the healing process. Stay tuned because you may just see Victoria Amidou in a city near you.

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