Victoria Amidou Globalizes Book Tour


It has been awhile since I last posted about Victoria Amidou as she has been rather silent lately. However, in a recent tell all interview she has been rather candid on the reason for her recent silence and what she has been up to since our last interview.

I am excited to say the least because this has been a long time coming and the anticipation has mounted to astronomical heights.

Since the first moment I was given the opportunity to sit down with Victoria Amidou I must say that things for me have not been the same. She has been a contributing factor in the change that has taken place within me since our very first meeting by teaching me how to tap into the inner me.

This magnificent woman has shown me the true value of me and opened me up to the infinite meaning of why I am who I am and my purpose for being on this planet. Things that use to be difficult for me are no longer difficult and what I use to see an obstacles I now see as opportunities to grow and excel in ways I never thought possible.

I walk around saying what she taught me. “Do what’s required!” She takes no excuses and reminds me that doing my best has nothing to do with doing what’s required.

Victoria Amidou taught me that when you do your best you are only operating in the natural you and not allowing the spiritual you to come forth. She taught me that when you make no excuses and allow the spirit you to lead the natural you, then you move pass the doing your best and start doing what’s required.

Victoria Amidou has been traveling the country motivating others to do what’s required and teaching them how to retrain their bodies to allow the spirit of them to lead. She coaches those who are hungry for change and encourages them to put self first.

Victoria Amidou teaches those who want to be taught the key principles of change and the allowances of receiving. She shows the broken how to create from those pieces the oneness that is required for positive growth and mending.

Victoria Amidou has developed workshops, seminars, motivational minutes and life coaching sessions to assist those who want change. She has crossed religious, economic, and gender boundaries to do what is required for her to do God’s will placed upon her life. She makes no excuses and holds firm to her chosen path.

Victoria Amidou has continue on her pathway of Globalizing her unique style of teaching and ministering to those set before her. A very private person set in such a very public arena to do God’s will at best. She talks of her humble beginnings and the horror’s of her childhood and also the mistakes of her adulthood and takes full responsibility for everything her.

Victoria Amidou shared with me about how on her quest to find her, she discovered that everything that went wrong or right was all her and how she is the creator of all things her, be it good or bad. She showed me how to manifest what I wanted in my life simply by allowing my spirit to lead.

Victoria Amidou recently return from her book tour of the United Arab Emirates and shared with me how this tour opened her up to opportunities to teach on a grandeur scale and that the demand for her unique style of teaching Globally was far greater than she had anticipated.

Victoria Amidou was very pleased with the outcome of her stay in the UAE and impressed with the need of the people. She states that there is no slowing down nor stopping and that her work has just begun.

Be on the look out for Victoria Amidou because she may just be in a home, city, village, state, country, or continent near you.